About Us  

Standard Forwarding is a top-quality LTL carrier with 17 terminals spread throughout the Midwest. We provide overnight service within and between Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, as well as St. Louis, MO, Omaha, NE, and southern Michigan.

To this day, we continue our tradition of excellence by putting our customers first. Headquartered in East Moline, IL, service is at the heart of our culture. Of particular concern is that every customer is completely confident that we will deliver as promised and that they are kept up to date on their shipment's status at all times.

Since Standard's founding in 1934, technologies have changed, customer expectations have risen and competition has increased. In every area, Standard has been on the leading edge of positive change. For example:

  • Modern fleet with 350 late model tractors and 800 trailers
  • OnBoard technology on tractors
  • Sophisticated track and trace capabilities for shipment visibility
  • World-class operations and customer service operations, including proactive notice of delays
  • Second highest net promoter score of any LTL carrier in the nation (Mastio survey)
  • SmartWay certified
  • Carbon Report and Carbon Offsetting Available